The Making of Shakedown Return of the Sontarans was a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary that was included on the VHS release of Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans. It featured behind the scenes footage and interviews with all the major cast and crew on the shoot of the story. The documentary was shot alongside the 2 week shoot of Shakedown.

Notes on production Edit

  • Rory O'Donnell and Brian Croucher shared the same agent when Shakedown was shot.
  • Ian Scoones wasn't married, but did have a dog.
  • Dave Hicks was, by Brian Croucher's description was "7 electricians, focus puller, cameraman and a bit of a director".
  • To get the sound of Zorelle slapping Vorg on the head was created by Mark Ayres slapping his bottom.

Model work Edit

All the models were shot at Pinewood Studios, though when they came to shoot the models the money for the shoot was beginning to run out.