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The Making of the Gunslinger (webcast)

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The Making of the Gunslinger
Gunslinger pre-surgery
Main character(s): Kahler-Tex
Main enemy: Kahker-Jex
Main setting: Kahler
Key crew
Writer: Toby Whithouse
Director: Neill Gorton
Producer: Denise Paul
Release details
Story number: 3
Season/series: Series 7 Prequels
Premiere broadcast: 14 September 2012
Format: 1x2 minute webcast
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The Making of the Gunslinger was a prequel for the TV story A Town Called Mercy, released on iTunes.

Synopsis Edit

The cyborg that is later to be known as the Gunslinger is activated in a lab on Kahler.

Plot Edit

Kahler-Jex is in a lab, announcing that "subject 6", Kahler-Tek, has been activated. The Kahler-Tek cyborg raises up his arm weapon and a light emanates from it.

Cast Edit

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Crew Edit

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References Edit

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Story notes Edit

Ratings Edit

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Filming locations Edit

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Production errors Edit

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Continuity Edit

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Home video releases Edit

DVD releases Edit

Released with Series 7: Part 1 and The Complete Seventh Series.

Blu-ray releases Edit

Released with Series 7: Part 1 and The Complete Seventh Series also in Series 1-7.


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