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The Mechanical Planet (comic story)

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The Mechanical Planet
The Dalek World The Mechanical Planet 1
Main enemy: Daleks
Key crew
Publisher: Souvenir Press
Writer: David Whitaker and Terry Nation
Release details
Printed in: The Dalek World
Release date: 11 October 1965
Format: Colour, 11 pages
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Dalek annuals
Battle for the Moon The Secret Struggle
The Mechanical Planet was a comic story original to The Dalek World, a Dalek annual of the 1960s.

Summary Edit

An artificial planet has been destroying spacecraft and poses a potential threat to Earth's solar system, underdefended after two centuries of peace with the Daleks. Planetary representatives meet with the Dalek Emperor, who proposes that the Daleks be rearmed so they can defeat the rouge planet. The represenative named Sovard urges them not to create a new danger to stop another danger, but he is outvoted.

Jay and Gregg are among the humans who rearm the Daleks from the space vault orbiting Skaro where the Dalek weaponry has been stored. They accompany the Emperor in his ship as the Dalek fleet encounters the planet. The Daleks study the planet, find a weakness, and destroy it. Then the Emperor tells Jay and Gregg to warn Earth and the other planets that they will be conquered by the rearmed Daleks.

Characters Edit

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Continuity Edit

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