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The Motorboats were an indie band. Lucy Skinner liked the band. She was downloading their album Benny had 5 Fingers onto the computer of the Tycho Project. After finishing the download her father told her that it was a radio telescope and that it wasn't really the sort of thing they would tune into there. Lucy apologised.

The following tracks were on the album Benny had 5 Fingers:

  • You Gotta Pay the Toll
  • Kick it When You're Down
  • Drop the Heat
  • Hand Up, Easy Down
  • Your Lying Eyes
  • Propably Definite
  • You know the Time Office (You've got a Watchi)
  • How many Times?
  • Send it Back Unopened
  • Highway to Nowhere
  • What's your Boggle
  • Benny's Rhapsody (TV: The Last Sontaran)

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