The Multi-Mobile was a TV Comic story featuring the Third Doctor and the Brigadier.

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The Doctor and the Brigadier attend the demonstration of a new power car called the Multi-Mobile. When it's stolen by enemy agents, the Doctor finds himself trying to prevent the impervious vehicle from destroying a nearby nuclear power plant.

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  • The Doctor notes that he would rather be repairing the TARDIS and leaving for other galaxies. The Brigadier says that if he wants to keep being supplied with spare parts, he needs to take an investment in UNIT operations.

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  • The Doctor stops the Multi-Mobile by putting sugar cubes in its petrol tank. Many years after this story was published, the television programme MythBusters demonstrated that sugar in a petrol tank does affect a motor engine.

Original print details Edit

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVC 950 (2 pages) Next week the incredible Multi-Mobile takes on the army !
  • TVC 951 (2 pages) Can nothing halt the incredible Multi-Mobile? See next week!
  • TVC 952 (2 pages) Next week U.N.I.T. put the Doctor's incredible plan to work !
  • TVC 953 (2 pages) Next week the Multi-Mobile takes the upper hand !
  • TVC 954 (2 pages) Next week a sensational new Dr. Who adventure !

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