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The Naked Flame (comic story)

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The Naked Flame
Naked flame
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Sarah
Main enemy: Versus
Main setting: Vortis
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Writer: Warwick Gray
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Yearbook 1995
Release date: September 1994
Format: Comic
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The Naked Flame was a comic published in the Doctor Who Yearbook 1995. It featured the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Summary Edit

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah materialise on the planet Vortis. Following the destruction of the Animus, Vortis has regenerated and the flower forests now once more bloom. A survey team of the winged Menoptera have disappeared while investigating the appearance of strange energy emissions. The only survivor, the wingless Jresta, takes the Doctor and Sarah to a large crystal in a forest clearing, but can't remember what happened after her team discovered it. A follow-up expedition arrives led by the hostile male Menoptera named Versus. Versus looks down on Jresta for her deformity. He orders one of his team to break off part of the crystal for analysis, ignoring the warnings of the Jresta and the travellers. The crystal glows with light. It mesmerises the Menoptera and causes them to fly into the energy web, where they are consumed; Jresta only survives because she can't fly and Versus because the Doctor knocks him unconscious. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to generate a resonance pattern which shatters the crystalline entity and saves Vortis once again.

Characters Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit


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