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The National Lottery Amazing Luck Stories was a regular segment of The National Lottery Show in which host Carol Smillie would investigate stories of good fortune. At the conclusion of the featured story, that day's winning lottery numbers were chosen.

The focus of the 10 February 1999 edition was the then-recent discovery of the missing episode, "The Lion".

After a brief overview of the phenomenon of the missing episode, the specifics of "The Lion"'s recovery were laid out, narrated against a re-enactment of Bruce Grenville's actual moment of discovery.

Peppered into the mix were a few sound bites from people important to missing episodes, such as BBC archivist, Sue Mallden. Frazer Hines, dressed as Jamie, was the only interviewee actually in the Doctor Who-themed studio with Smillie. He got the honour of pressing the button that selected that Wednesday evening's lottery numbers. Just before he pressed the button, Hines made a Dalek-themed pun and hoped that he would be able to help a viewer "exterminate" his or her financial problems.

As of 2011, the segment has not appeared on home video in any format.

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