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This story was never produced.

Therefore, its known narrative elements are not a part of the Doctor Who universe. It may have been the basis for a similar story in another medium, however — and that story may indeed be a part of the DWU.

The Nightmare Fair was an unproduced TV story for the original Season 23, before it was put on hiatus. In the script he says Blackpool, setting the scene for this episode. It would have featured the return of Michael Gough as the Celestial Toymaker. This story would have followed straight from the previous episode, Revelation of the Daleks.

It was later adapted into a Target novelisation of the name name, with both the novelisation and script used for the Big Finish audio adventure adaptation.

Plot set-up Edit

The Nightmare Fair

Illustration of the plot of the story, featured in DOC: The Lost Season.

The main villain would have been the Celestial Toymaker, whose actor, Michael Gough, had been convinced to return.

The story would have continued straight from Revelation of the Daleks, where the Doctor said he'd take Peri to B--. This episode would've revealed the Doctor's destination for Peri as "Blackpool."

The idea had come to John Nathan-Turner to set the story in Blackpool when Colin Baker opened a ride there called "Space Mountain." The story would also have been set partially there, with the Celestial Toymaker making strange things happen.

Peri would have been attacked by robot miners in a gold mine adventure ride. The Doctor would have been forced to play a video game whose outcome would decide the fate of the planet.

By the end, the Toymaker would be defeated, and the Doctor and Peri would continue their holiday in Blackpool. (DOC: The Lost Season)

Legacy Edit

The story was later adapted into the Target Missing Episodes lost story. It would also receive a Big Finish Productions audio adaptation. Michael Gough declined to do the episode, so David Bailie was cast instead.