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The Other Side was the third story of The Ninth Doctor Chronicles.

Publisher's summary Edit

Rose has invited a new friend on board the TARDIS, against the Doctor’s better judgement. But when the Time Lord tries to take his unwelcome guest home, a temporal tsunami cuts the journey short. The travellers find the source of the disturbance inside an abandoned cinema. Will Adam Mitchell help or hinder when the Doctor and Rose discover what is lurking on the other side of the screen?

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  • Rose tells Adam that "TARDIS" stands for "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space". Then, the Doctor corrects her, telling the it actually is Dimension.
  • In the cinema, there was a poster for the first movie Adam's mum ever owned on DVD.
  • The Doctor says that 9 is his lucky number.
  • The Doctor is sent back to 1894 in the middle of a play. Rose is sent back to 1922 in the middle of a jazz dance floor.
  • Rose's nan used to listen to jazz music.
  • The Doctor calls Rose's superphone using the sonic on the Central Exchange.
  • When the Doctor reencounters Rose in 1922, he tells her he waited 28 years from where he initially ended up. He visited the building that will become the cinema every night, and implies that he's been wearing the same clothes.
  • The Doctor tells Rose that young people from the 21st century are "all texting, emoticons and MySpace".
  • The Bygone Horde were victims of the Time War. They were made up of many races.

Story notes Edit

  • The phrase "The trip of a lifetime" is used at the end of the story; this references the words spoken by the Doctor to the viewing audience during the first BBC One trailer promoting the return of the series in 2005.

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