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The Paradise of Death (audio story)

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The Paradise of Death
Paradise of Death cover
Novelised as: The Paradise of Death
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Sarah, the Brig, Jeremy
Main setting: London, the 1970s
Key crew
Writer: Barry Letts
Director: Phil Clarke
Release details
Premiere broadcast: 27 August - 24 September 1993
Premiere network: BBC Radio
Format: 5x30-minute episodes
ISBN 0-563-55323-5
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BBC Radio Dramas
none The Ghosts of N-Space
The Paradise of Death was a BBC Radio drama first broadcast in 1993. It was the second audio drama made since Slipback in 1985, and the first audio drama to feature Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor. This made him the earliest actor to portray the Doctor that also lent his voice to an audio serial. However, he would only perform one more audio story in his lifetime.

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When a horrific and inexplicable death occurs at Space World, a new theme park on Hampstead Heath, UNIT is called in to investigate. The Doctor is highly suspicious. Just who controls the Parakon Corporation, the shadowy organisation behind the running of the park? What is "Experienced Reality" and what are the limits of its awesome powers?

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  • This story puts a different spin on the opening moments of TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Television viewers may have thought the opening moments of Dinosaurs directly followed the closing scene of TV: The Time Warrior. This story suggests otherwise, depicting the first meeting of the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith.
  • Sarah tries to interview the Doctor for the Metropolitan — but the Doctor bristles once he figures out what she's up to.
  • This is the only performed story where Sarah's co-workers at the Metropolitan get a look-in. We hear her negotiate with her editor for financial support and a cameraman and we're introduced to Jeremy Fitzoliver, the son of the magazine's majority shareholder.

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