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The Pharm
Bases: Near Cardiff
Leader: Aaron Copley
Notable members: Plummer, Billy Davies
Appearance: Reset
The Pharm was a bio-research company headed by Dr Aaron Copley and located near Cardiff, which conducted experimentation on imprisoned aliens.

The Pharm's privileged access to the British government allowed them to conceal their activities even from UNIT (presumably) and Torchwood Three. To conceal their unethical activities, notably an experimental (and ultimately fatal) drug called Reset using the eggs of Mayflies, Copley hired a killer to murder the human volunteer test subjects. Also, the Pharm had developed a new kind of defoliant from Weevils.

Torchwood 3 having learned of the facility, Jack Harkness had Toshiko Sato set the computers to release inert gases throughout the facility in order to kill the aliens, whose lives the Pharm had essentially already taken. Jack shot and killed Copley after Copley took the life of Torchwood operative Owen Harper. (TV: Reset)

The Pharm employees Edit

Clinical trial subjects Edit

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