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The Pink Panther was a film released, according to posters in a Cardiff supermarket at least, on 17 July of either 2007 or 2008. Date Movie was released alongside it. (TV: Out of Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

Strangely, the first — and only at the time of production — 21st century Pink Panther film adaptation was not only released in 2006, nearly two full years before the December 2007 setting of the episode — but also on 10 February, not 17 July. Just as curious is why there's an advertisement for a July movie in December anyway — or how the set designers managed to make this mistake while plastering the entire store with Christmas decorations.

The audio story The Veiled Leopard follows the same basic plot as The Pink Panther. In the same story, Lady Lillian Hawthorne mentions a "Sir Charles" in attendance at the ball, a reference to Sir Charles Litton, the character played by David Niven and Christopher Plummer in the series.

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