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The Planet of Oblivion (novel)

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The Planet of Oblivion
DWDL7 Planet of Oblivion
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Gisella
Main enemy: The Darksmith Collective, Dravidians
Main setting: Ursulonamex
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Children's Books
Writer: Justin Richards
Release details
Release number: 7
Release date: 25 June 2009
Format: Softcover book, 128 pages
ISBN 978-1-4059-0519-0
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BBC Tenth Doctor Adventures: The Darksmith Legacy
The Game of Death The Pictures of Emptiness

The Planet of Oblivion is the seventh book in The Darksmith Legacy series.

Publisher's summary Edit

The neutral ground of the usually lush and beautiful Ursulonamex, known as The Planet of Oblivion, is now scorched and charred.

This is where the Darksmiths met their clients to discuss the Eternity Plan, but there is no sign of the clients now, nothing to suggest who they were... as though the mysterious clients have made sure of it.

The Doctor and Gisella learn from the few survivors of the Rain of Fire, and that the only clues there might be of what happened could be stored in the observation stations in orbit round the planet. Do any of the observation stations still exist?

Are the Doctor and Gisella as alone on board as they think? Who are the Dravidian Hive and are they as benign as they seem...?

What is a Dreadbringer?

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The Doctor warns the Dravidians to return to their ship: “No more warnings – no second chances” a phrase reminiscent of that first used in The Christmas Invasion.
  • The Doctor also tells the survivors on the plant,"I am so sorry," a phrase often said by the Tenth Doctor.

Notes Edit

The Books Edit

  • Interspersed with the main fiction is;
  • TARDIS Data Bank (extra information on The Forests of Ursulonamex and The Dravidians ).
  • Activity pages x4 (The puzzle solutions give the reader the chance to think like the Doctor!)
  • The Story so far, next instalment cover preview and opening preview.
  • The Darksmith Legacy's overall story was devised by Justin Richards, who contributed four of the ten titles.
  • The Darksmith Legacy was certificated to 13, with under 13's needing parental approval.
  • This first book in the series was released with the second. The remaining titles saw monthly releases through 2009.
  • Each book in the series was priced £4.99 (UK) and featured a foiled cover with illustration by Peter McKinstry.

Interactive Website Content Edit

By visiting the website and participating in the Quest participants can unlock additional content like computer wallpapers to download. The Quest itself features; games - (like finding a specific target in an image, by using the sonic screwdriver as a detector, to hone in (to register 100 on the scale). Once located the 'Target' then provides additional information used in further puzzles involving both words and numbers.

Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to open the doors of the Dravidian Hive ship.
  • The Doctor pops his glasses on and off while examining the Dravidians modifications to the life support systems while aboard the main control room on the Orbit Station 3.

External links Edit

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