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Like the Doctor, the renegade Time Lord known as the Master used many aliases. However, while the Doctor used false names on a fairly ad hoc basis to avoid awkward questions, the Master usually adopted them in order to further whatever scheme he was embarked upon at the time.

Alias When used Story Etymology
Professor Carl Thascalosto give Jamie McCrimmon the Necronomicon, and to gain access to facilities of the Newton InstituteThe Nameless City
The Time Monster
Greek for master, pointed out by Jo Grant
Colonel Masters to infiltrate Rex Farrel's plastics company Terror of the Autons
Emil Kellerassumed identity of the creator of the Keller MachineThe Mind of EvilEmil is derived from the Latin word aemulus, meaning rival, and Keller is derived from Old English cwellere, meaning executioner
Martin Jurgenswhile posing as an AdjudicatorColony in Space

Anagram of Master Gunnjir (gunnjir is the spear of Odin, head of the Norse pantheon)

Mr Magisterto insinuate himself socially into the Devil's End community as a vicarThe DæmonsLatin for master
Freywhilst in Sweden, 141The Spear of DestinyOld Norse for master
Inspector LeMaitreto infiltrate a village fete by pretending to be a police inspector from Scotland YardLast of the GadereneFrench for the master
Duke Dominusto impersonate a 1930s Chicago gangsterThe Duke of Dominoes Dominus from the Latin for lord or master of the house
Professor Dominus Doorway to Hell Spanish for dominate
Estrowhile posing as an adviser to Lord Haldoran in an effort to procure a Dalek matter transmuterLegacy of the DaleksEsperanto for master
Dr Damien ScottWhilst working for the Dominus Institute in the body of a future incarnation.Vampire of the Mind
General MalgroveWhilst leading a faction of the Gorlan Empire.The Two MastersThe Gorlan word for master
Van HoutenIn the 1890sMauriceNamed after chocolates common in the time period.
Mr. DominusWhen visiting the Red Tavern in the 1890sMasterpiece Dominus from the Latin for lord or master of the house
Mwalimuwhile hiding beneath Colonel Spindleton's manor house in 1979Trail of the White WormSwahili for master in the sense of teacher
Interplanetary Police Inspector Efendi while on Secus The Evil OneTurkish for "Master"
Tremas to deceive Nyssa on Logopolis after taking over her father's body Logopolis A coincidental anagram of "Master"
The Portreeveto trap the Fifth Doctor in CastrovalvaCastrovalva
Kalidused to take control of the Xeraphin gestaltTime-Flight As Kalid, he affected the identity of a vaguely Arabian sorcerer. Kalid derives from the Indian Kalidasa meaning servant of Kali, an Indian goddess of time and change and usually depicted as being dark and violent.
Sir Gilles Estramto avert the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.The King's DemonsEstram is a simple anagram.
The Sheriffto gain access to the regenerative fountain near Eternity, California.A Town Called Eternity
Gospodarto access the TITAN Array in order to destroy the ChronovoresThe Quantum ArchangelSerbo-Croatian and Slovenian for master
Keith PotterThe End of the Line
Dr Howard ChithrosStop the Pigeon
Major Kreerused when allied with the Tzun in 1950s America.First Frontier
Count Marius Castillo Housewarming
Mr SetaUsed aboard the starship GalleryDust BreedingAnagram of master
Dr John SmithUsed while amnesiac on an unnamed colony worldMaster
Bruceoccasionally reverted to impersonation of a San Franciscan paramedic named Bruce after he had taken over Bruce's bodyDoctor Who
Don MaestroWhilst trapped on Earth in the 20th century.MastermindItalian for master in the sense of teacher
Dook DominiIn 1931MastermindNamed after The Duke of Dominoes, a trump card in an old Wallarian game of chance which beat all other suits.
Alien Artefact Alpha 1While being kept in the Vault.Mastermind
Dr Harcourt De'ath to practice eye surgery on many patients, in order to literally "have eyes everywhere" Time's Horizon, Eyes of the MasterBar the apostrophe, De'ath is spelt the same way as "Death".
Kappa ChiDesignation as CIA agent.The Death of Hope
Master-BuilderWhen creating the Dalek Time Controller's new empire.The Monster of Montmartre
The DoctorWhilst masquerading as a future incarnation of the Doctor.Dominion
Michael MastersonWhile living in HexfordAnd You Will Obey Me
Professor Yanachameleon arch identityUtopiaHad no known meaning of its own, but the Face of Boe made up an acronym, "You Are Not Alone"
Harold Saxonused to win Prime Ministership of the United KingdomLove & Monsters - Last of the Time LordsMister Saxon was a coincidental anagram of Master No Six; Harold is a derivative of Old English Hereweald meaning Master of the Armies. The Anglo-Saxons were invading England during the reign of King Arthur
Razorused to hide his previous identity as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom while on board a Mondasian colony shipWorld Enough and TimeThe Old English word for knife is seax, which is what the name Saxon originated from
MissyNew name adopted after regenerating into female formDeep Breath - presentShort for "Mistress", feminine form of "Master".
Mobile Intelligence Systems InterfaceRuse allowing close contact with and delaying recognition by the DoctorDark WaterBackcronym from the above
Miss Magister When posing as a teacher Yes, Missy Latin for master
Doctor Who When practicing being good aboard a Mondasian colony ship World Enough and Time

Behind the scenes Edit

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