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You may be looking for the triangular prism structure.

The Pyramid was the name of a combination coffee shop and book shop that was a front for a "safe house" for aliens. It was active beginning in the mid-1960s, and was still active in 1983.

The Pyramid was located on the main street of the small English town of Little Caldwell. It occupied a single two-story building: the coffee shop was downstairs; the book shop, which specialised in the occult, New Age mysticism, and paranormal phenonmena, was upstairs.

The Pyramid was also, unbeknownst to most, a safe house for aliens and the temporally-stranded. They were smuggled to Little Caldwell, and generally stayed in its back rooms until transportation could be arranged to their home planet or era. Generally, this was done by UNIT.

The shop was run by Admiral Isaac Summerfield II, himself a temporal refugee from the 26th century. Other employees, as of December 1983, included:

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