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The Race was the dominant, mutant-insectoid species of a planet in the Nebula of Cyclops. They possessed tough, chitinous carapaces, six legs, many-faceted eyes, and purplish blood. Their technology included rilium plated scouter ships with Zison-drives and ejection bubbles.

The Race possessed deep-seated instincts for order, co-operation and selfless hard work that had built a great civilisation. The people existed only to serve the Race, which in turn was symbolised by the Nest, and by the Great Mother, Goddess and Queen in one. As Nest after Nest was established, the home planet became impossibly crowded, and new worlds were always sought after for colonisation, not to be conquered as they were a moral race. Their technology enabled them to take over and make habitable planets too harsh to sustain other species and worlds devastated by the wars in which other life-forms destroyed themselves.

A member of this race, Kriz, surveyed the planet Karn before being dragged to the planet and killed by Condo for his head. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius)

Behind the scenes Edit

While the novelisation of The Brain of Morbius establishes Kriz and his Race as their own species, the Fourth Doctor names the creature as a Mutt on screen, since even the Mutt costume was used.

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