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The Rani's TARDIS was a comparatively advanced TARDIS, at least when compared with the Doctor's model. It had a functional chameleon circuit.

History Edit

When the Rani visited the town of Killingworth, the exterior of her TARDIS resembled a large cabinet and had a motif on the door which looked like those on some of the interior walls of its console room. The Rani had tyrannosaurus rex embryos in her console room, as she had some experiments ongoing with them. She also stored her equipment for extracting brain fluid, bottles of chemicals and metamorphosing mines in the console room. She used the last of these mines to set a trap for the Doctor.

The Doctor in the Rani's TARDIS

The Sixth Doctor in the Rani's TARDIS' console room. (TV: The Mark of the Rani)

The console of the Rani's TARDIS was black, circular and domed. In place of a central column, it had a rotating pair of metallic rings. The console also had interfacing controls in addition to buttons and switches. It used a holographic scanner which popped up from the main console. The walls of the console room looked like dark marble, with large, opaque roundels. The Sixth Doctor sabotaged her ship, making it impossible to control after it dematerialised. The resulting acceleration of her TARDIS caused time spillage which made the dinosaur embryos grow and mature. The Rani and her marginal ally, the Master, found themselves in a TARDIS spinning out of control. (TV: The Mark of the Rani)

This TARDIS lost its primary console room when the Master separated it from the rest of the ship to escape. The Rani had to cannibalise other components to control her TARDIS at all. She recruited a matter-duplicating entity that the Doctor called Iam to make a TARDIS console for her. Iam wound up creating a duplicate of a large portion of Earth's northern hemisphere. The Rani eventually salvaged the console and attached it to her ship, although Iam left her with the people his actions had created. (PROSE: State of Change)

The Rani escaped the Sixth Doctor on Koturia by commanding her minions to attack. In the commotion, she climbed into her TARDIS, which had been disguised as a giant urn, and escaped with her research on Koturian Phasing. (PROSE: Something Borrowed)

The Rani next ran into the Doctor on the planet Lakertya, where her TARDIS took the form of a mirrored pyramid. She was captured by her servants, the Tetraps, after the failure of her plan. The Tetraps took her to their home world to force her to help them solve their resource shortage problems. (TV: Time and the Rani, AUDIO: The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind)

Abilities Edit

  • The Rani could control her TARDIS with a Stattenheim remote control that she wore on her belt when not in use.
  • The Doctor used his TARDIS key to unlock the Rani's TARDIS.
  • The Rani used her TARDIS to produce mustard gas as part of a trap for the Doctor and Peri. However, aside from an intense cough, it didn't seem to give them any trouble. (TV: The Mark of the Rani)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The production team were so impressed by the finished look of the Rani's console room built for The Mark of the Rani that the set was saved for potential future use, though it was not used again. (INFO: The Mark of the Rani)
  • A different console room set, which more closely resembled the Doctor's, which was also in black, was used as the Rani's in Dimensions in Time.

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