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The Rapture (audio story)

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The Rapture
The Rapture cover
Script release: The Audio Scripts: Volume Three
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Main enemy: Gabriel, Jude
Main setting: San Antonio and Es Vedrà, Ibiza, 14 to 15 May 1997
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Joseph Lidster
Director: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Sound: Jim Mortimore and Jane Elphinstone
Post production: Jim Mortimore
Cover by: Clayton Hickman
Release details
Release number: 36
Release date: September 2002
Format: 4 Episodes on 2 CDs
Production code: 7V
ISBN 1-903654-74-2
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The Rapture was the thirty-sixth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. It featured the Seventh Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy and Ace played by Sophie Aldred. This was the fifth audio story to feature this pairing of Doctor and companion. Each episode featured remixes of the Doctor Who theme, a device employed by Big Finish on numerous occasions.

Publisher's summary Edit

Ibiza, 1997, and thousands of young people are acting like mindless zombies.

Which is to be expected. Ibiza, the island of dance music, sex, drugs and alcohol, is the ultimate hedonistic paradise.

God has sent help from on high to save the sinners of Ibiza. He has sent His angels to save their souls.

Which would be simple enough if these souls didn't include an alien time-traveller working in a bar, a woman who disappeared in 1987, a young man carrying a photograph of a girl he's never met and an Irish girl who doesn't even know who she is anymore.

Plot Edit

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The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor fought with Gustavo's father during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Gustavo was a small boy at the time. The Doctor later took him to Ibiza to protect him from the horrors of the war.
  • The Doctor tells Gustavo that Ace is like him in that he "attracts trouble". Gustavo suggests that it may be trouble which attracts him.
  • The Doctor knows how to make Sofrit Pages and sangrias.

Individuals Edit

  • Ace's full name is given as Dorothy Gale McShane. She was born on 20 August 1970 to Audrey and Harry McShane.
  • Ace's younger brother Liam McShane was born in 1974. He was suffering from depression when he started university in 1993 as his father had recently died. His best friend Caitriona Henderson helped him through it but she is now suffering from depression herself.
  • Gustavo has lived on Ibiza for many years. He considered returning to mainland Spain but eventually decided against it.
  • Liam describes himself as a "Christian sci-fi moppet."
  • Ace promises Liam that she will come back one day and see him.

Earth history Edit

Television series Edit

Films from the real world Edit

  • Ace tells Brian that she is from "over the rainbow." An illusory version of Tony Blackburn later tells Caitriona to kill Ace by "dropping a house on her."
  • When the Doctor realises that the glowing on Es Vedrà is caused by Jude and Gabriel's inter-dimensional portal, Liam compares it to the relevant portal device from the science fiction film Stargate. The Doctor comments, "Yes but with better acting."

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The Rapture Comic Preview

Comic Preview from DWM 322. Illustration by Martin Geraghty.

The rapture clean

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