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The Red House was the second full cast audio story in the The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure audio anthology released in 2015 by Big Finish Productions.

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The Doctor and Charlotte Pollard arrive on a world that is populated by werewolves.

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The Red House

"Into the dark, scary fairytale forest? Obviously."

The Doctor and Edwardian adventuress Charlotte Pollard find themselves in a small rustic village nestled in the woods at sunrise. The tolling of a bell should mean the beginning of a brand new day, but instead rings for an ominous curfew. As the villagers lock themselves in their homes, a pack of werewolves in strange bodysuits attack the duo. Separated in the chaos, Charley finds herself in a mansion overlooking the town, where a scientist vows to cure her of her bestial nature with the assistance of her mysterious and devious assistant. And the Doctor discovers that a second pack of werewolves lie deep in the forest, a group who want to do nothing more than…allow the sun to beat down about them so they can transform into their human forms!

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  • Charley describes herself as an "Edwardian adventuress", but notes that she is technically a "Georgian adventuress" as her monarch was King George V. She sees the Georgian era as associated more with Jane Austen.
  • The Doctor's pocket-watch was given to him by Beau Brummell, the "king of the dandies".
  • Charley is intricately bound to the Web of Time.
  • The Valeyard claims that humans are second best in the universe at exterminating.

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