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The Remote

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The Remote
Biological type: Humanoid (origin biomass)
Affiliated with: Faction Paradox
Place of origin: Ordifica
Notable individuals: Guest, Compassion, Kode
Appearances: PROSE: Interference - Book One, PROSE: Interference - Book Two
The Remote were the survivors of the High Council attack on the planet Ordifica.

The Remote were a sterile race who reproduced using Remembrance Tanks. A lump of biomass was placed within the tank and all the people who knew the person fed in their memories; the person was reconstituted and 'remembered' into existence.

All of the Remote wore receivers and were constantly bombarded with signals from the media.

Members Edit

  • Guest
  • Laura Tobin who, through remembering, eventually became Compassion.
  • Fitz Kreiner became part of The Remote, but left to join the Faction Paradox. Before he departed he was copied via the Remembrance Tanks to create an identical Fitz Kriener who, through remembering, became Kode.

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