The Road To... was the serialised backup story of Doctor Who: The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor published in 2018 as a prequel to Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor.

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On the SS Madame de Pompadour in the 51st century, the Tenth Doctor has returned from a party in 18th century France where he is irritated to find that his human companions Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith have yet again wandered off, confiding his frustrations with Arthur the horse. His attention, however, is soon drawn to a rip in time, distinct from the time windows on the ship. From the rip, a humanoid hand is seen to emerge from a figure who asks for the Doctor to "grab on" as they "can't hold..." before quickly shattering as the rip closes. Bewildered by what has just occured, the Doctor determines it to be "not good" but notes that it is something which needs to wait as he hears from a distance that his companions are at the mercy of the Clockwork Droids, promptly rushing off to rescue them.

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