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The Road to Conflict (comic story)

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The Road to Conflict
Directions to Earth Road to Conflict
Main enemy: Daleks
Main setting: Skaro, sometime after the 20th century
Key crew
Publisher: City Magazines
Editor: Alan Fennell
Writer: David Whitaker
Artist: Ron Turner
Release details
Printed in: TV Century 21 96-104
Release date: 19 November 1966 - 14 January 1967
Reprinted in: DWCC 19
Format: Comic - 9 parts - 9 pages
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The Dalek Chronicles
The Emissaries of Jevo Return of the Elders

Summary Edit

A human spaceship crashlands on Skaro. The Daleks see this as an opportunity to learn more of the "androids" from another world.

Plot Edit

The human spaceship Starmaker crash lands on Skaro. The Dalek Emperor orders that the "androids" (actually humans) not be destroyed, that they might learn more about them.

The Daleks destroy the humans' ship. Only three people survive. They steal a Dalek ship and fly it back to Earth to warn them of the impending Dalek invasion.

After the Daleks search the remains of the humans' ship, they find a scrap of burnt paper with the directions to Earth. The Dalek Emperor declares "We shall conquer Earth!"

Characters Edit

References Edit

Daleks Edit

  • Jennie wonders if the Emperor is made of real gold.
The Road to Conflict-Hyrdoponic force houses

Hydroponic force houses.

Dalek technology Edit

Spacecraft Edit

Technology Edit

  • The humans put up force fields in a square around their ship to stop the Daleks attacking them.

Planets Edit

  • The directions to Earth read: "Circle Andromeda then N by NS to landfall Earth".

Notes Edit

Continuity Edit


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