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The Saint was the television series in which Roger Moore starred during the 1960s. He was later cast as James Bond.

On a visit to the Soviet Union in November 1967, Ace anachronistically referred to Moore as the current James Bond during a conversation with her fellow Briton Markus Creevyf. Creevy told her that Moore starred in The Saint while Sean Connery played Bond. (AUDIO: Thin Ice)

In 1969, Owain Vine's mother would sometimes watch the show, leaving him to listen to football matches on his radio. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

Behind the scenes Edit

Robert Cawdron appeared in five episodes as Sergeant Le Duc.

Writers for The Saint included Terry Nation, Paul Erickson, Robert Banks Stewart, Bill Strutton, Ian Stuart Black and Robert Holmes.

Guests actors included: Sylvia Syms, Peter Brace, George Pastell, John Carson, Godfrey Quigley, Jean Marsh, Paul Whitsun-Jones, John Bennett, Ed Bishop, Joseph Fürst, Kate O'Mara, Reg Lye, George Pravda, Burt Kwouk, Fulton Mackay, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Michael Robbins, Steven Berkoff, Barbara Murray, Peter Wyngarde, Campbell Singer, Julian Glover, Wanda Ventham, Peter Bowles, George A. Cooper, James Maxwell, Philip Latham, T. P. McKenna, Derek Newark, Philip Locke, Tommy Duggan, David Graham, Michael Peake, Jane Asher, Jeremy Young, Harry Towb, Geoffrey Bayldon, Michael Godfrey, Victor Maddern, Patrick Troughton, Neil McCarthy, Martin Miller, Nicholas Smith, Edward Evans, Roger Delgado, John Collin, John Hollis, Richard Shaw, Peter Jeffrey, Simon Lack, Henry Lincoln, John Dearth, Ray Lonnen, Wolfe Morris, Alan Curtis, Katherine Schofield, Steven Scott, Tony Beckley, Peter Diamond, Michael Wolf, Graham Armitage, Clive Cazes, Gordon Sterne, David Garfield, Steve Plytas, Eileen Way, Gertan Klauber, Andre Maranne, Alan Haywood, Peter Lawrence, George Little, Derek Sydney, Hugh Morton, Walter Randall, Eric Mason, Richard Franklin, Donald Pickering, John Woodnutt, Nicholas Courtney, Hugh Futcher, George Roubicek, Max Faulkner, Barbara Shelley, Derren Nesbitt, Dudley Foster and André Morell.