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The Scales of Injustice (novel)

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The Scales of Injustice
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Liz
Featuring: The Brig, Mike Yates, Benton, Tom Osgood, Patsy
Main enemy: Auggi, the Pale Man, the Irish Twins, Jana Kristan, Cathryn Wildeman, Krugga
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Gary Russell
Read by: Dan Starkey
Release details
Release number: 24
Release date: 18 July 1996
Format: Paperback Book; 8 Chapters, 262 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20477-8
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Virgin Missing Adventures
Killing Ground The Shadow of Weng-Chiang
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The Scales of Injustice was the twenty-fourth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Gary Russell. It featured the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. This novel features Liz Shaw's departure from UNIT and the arrival of Mike Yates, reporting for duty. Later, Yates saw his promotion to Captain following the events of this story. Further developments in other Doctor Who media would contradict the events of this story.

Publisher's summary Edit

1996 Virgin Books edition Edit

"And what exactly, Doctor Shaw, do you think C19 does with the dead bodies of plastic dummies, reptile men, primordial throwbacks and all their human victims?"

A little boy goes missing; a policewoman begins drawing cave paintings; and the employees at the mysterious Glasshouse are desperate to keep everyone away — the Doctor suspects it's all down to a group of homo reptilia. His assistant, Liz Shaw, has ideas of her own and has teamed up with a journalist to search for people who don't exist.

While the Brigadier has to cope with UNIT funding, the breakdown of his marriage and Geneva's threats to replace him, the Doctor must find the reptiles alone.

And behind it all lies a conspiracy to exploit UNIT's achievements — a conspiracy reaching deep into the heart of the British government.

2014 BBC Books edition Edit

When a boy goes missing and a policewoman starts drawing cave paintings, the Doctor suspects the Silurians are back. With the Brigadier distracted by questions about UNIT funding and problems at home, the Doctor swears his assistant Liz Shaw to secrecy and investigates alone.

But Liz has enquiries of her own, teaming up with a journalist to track down people who don't exist. What is the mysterious Glasshouse, and why is it so secret?

As the Silurians wake from their ancient slumber, the Doctor, Liz and the Brigadier are caught up in a conspiracy to exploit UNIT's achievements — a conspiracy that reaches deep into the heart of the British Government.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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Individuals Edit

Locations Edit

Species Edit

  • A Myrka is used by the Silurians.

Planets Edit

Pets Edit

  • Two guinea pigs, John-Paul and Ringo-George, were given to Liz by a friend at Cambridge when she moved to London.

Notes Edit

  • The chapters are referred to as "Episodes".
  • This story was released as an ebook on the BBC website in 2006, with the book remaining on the BBC's site until 2009.
  • This novel was reprinted and released as an ebook on Kindle by BBC Books on 6 March 2014 as The Monster Collection Edition.
  • This story retroactively fixes some of the apparent inconsistencies of the television story Warriors of the Deep. Specifically, this story explains how the Doctor knows Icthar and how he knows of the Triad and the Myrka.
  • As in the television story Warriors of the Deep, Sea Devils are called that by the Silurians. This novel makes it clear that their full name is Sea Devil Warriors and they are a caste as much as a sub-species.
  • C19 and Sir John Sudbury are mentioned on-screen only in the television story Time-Flight. C19 was also explored more fully in the novel Who Killed Kennedy.
  • The Myrka, which first appeared on screen in the television story Warriors of the Deep, is used by the Silurians in this story.

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