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The Scapegoat (audio story)

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The Scapegoat
The Scapegoat cover
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Lucie Miller
Main enemy: Baroques, Nazis
Main setting: Paris, Vichy France, 1940s
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Pat Mills
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Jamie Robertson
Sound: Matthew Cochrane
Cover by: Simon Holub
Release details
Release number: 3.5
Release date: July 2009
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPDWCDMG021
ISBN 978-1-84435-397-2
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Eighth Doctor Adventures
Wirrn Dawn The Cannibalists

The Scapegoat was the fifth release of the third series of Big Finish Productions' Eighth Doctor Adventures audio stories.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the Theatre des Baroque!"

Oh, but if you think you've seen and heard all that Paris by night has to offer... the exotic sights of Le Moulin Rouge, perhaps, or the horror tricks of Le Grand Guignol... if you think nothing could cause your mouth to dry and your heart to pound... you're wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs — not forgetting our honoured guests from the Gestapo — tonight, it is my privilege to present to you the star of the Theatre des Baroque! A man who has died on stage near ten thousand times! The Most Assassinated Man in the World... Max Paul!

And joining him, in a playlet we call "the Executioner's Son" — from Blackpool, England: the enchanting Lucie Miller!

Ah, la belle Lucie. She's got no idea what she's let herself in for. Heh. Should you feel faint, or nauseous — never fear. Tonight, we have a Doctor in the house!

Just pray he lasts 'til the interval...

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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The Scapegoat

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