The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who was a collection of short stories and a guide to the science in Doctor Who.

Publisher's summary Edit

Doctor Who stories are many things: thrilling adventures, historical dramas, tales of love and war and jelly babies. They're also science fiction - but how much of the science is actually real, and how much is really fiction?

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who is a mind-bending blend of story and science that will help you see Doctor Who in a whole new light, weaving together a series of all-new adventures, featuring every incarnation of the Doctor. With commentary that explores the possibilities of time travel, life on other planets, artificial intelligence, parallel universes and more, Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula show how Doctor Who uses science to inform its unique style of storytelling - and just how close it has often come to predicting future scientific discoveries. This book is your chance to be the Doctor's companion and explore what's out there. It will make you laugh, and think, and see the world around you differently. Because anything could be out there. And going out there is the only way to learn what it is.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Doctor Companion(s)
1 Sunset Over Venus Mark Wright Twelfth Doctor Clara
2 The Lost Generation George Mann Fourth Doctor Sarah
3 The Room with All the Doors James Goss Second Doctor None
4 The Hungry Night Jonathan Morris Ninth Doctor None
5 All the Empty Towers Jenny Colgan Twelfth Doctor Clara
6 Rewriting History James Swallow Tenth Doctor Martha
7 Silver Mosquitoes L.M. Myles Twelfth Doctor Clara
8 In Search of Lost Time Una McCormack Eleventh Doctor None
9 Natural Regression Justin Richards Eighth Doctor None
10 Potential Energy Jacqueline Rayner Sixth Doctor Peri
11 The Arboreals Marc Platt First Doctor Susan
12 The Piper Mark Morris Third Doctor Jo
13 The Girl Who Stole the Stars Andrew Cartmel Seventh Doctor Ace, Raine
14 The Mercy Seats David Llewellyn Twelfth Doctor None
15 The Constant Doctor Andrew Smith Fifth Doctor
Twelfth Doctor
Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

Notes Edit

  • The publisher's summary states that every incarnation of "the Doctor" is featured - the War Doctor is excluded; he only carried the title of "the Doctor" at the very end of his life and regenerated almost immediately after reclaiming it. Thus, writers have no way of authoring stories where he is truly "the Doctor", but only a warrior, with the title being reduced to an artefact of his former self.

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