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You may be looking for the painting.

The Scream was a Silent.

He was a member of the Silence, and he was so good at silence, that even his own people couldn't remember him.

Wanting to be remembered, he used Eleventh Doctor's and Alice Obiefune's memories to form a "new creation". After transfering the Doctor's memories, the Scream intended to step into his machine, destroying his body, but preserving his mind. Thus, he would take over the Sapling, and be able to cover entire planets. This way, no one would be able to turn his back on him, which meant he would always be remembered. (COMIC: The Scream)

The Scream sneaked behind Alice in her flat while she was looking at a picture of her mother. Alice saw him, and screamed for Kushak, but forgot about the Scream as soon as she looked away from him. (COMIC: The Tragical History Tour)