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You may be looking for the episode of The Space Museum.

The Search was the second of two BBV audios featuring Lalla Ward and John Leeson.

The series, Adventures in a Pocket Universe, is commonly mistaken for a sequel to Warriors' Gate. However, BBV had no licence from the British Broadcasting Corporation to produce this series. Their only licence came from Bob Baker and Dave Martin for the use of the general concept of K9. Thus, K9 appears legally, but it is not any version of K9 seen on television, since this K9 is depicted as travelling with a woman named "the Mistress" in Ecto-Space — not Romana II in E-Space.

Publisher's summary Edit

To maintain their vessel, the Mistress and K9 must locate a sustainable power source and e-space-compatible technology — or lose the ability to time travel forever. Their answer lies within an ancient derelict Dyson sphere. But all is not as its seems, and the arrival of alien archaeologists from planet Herta, searching for evidence of the ancient, brings further danger.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Notes Edit

  • Fans will likely notice many apparent connections to televised concepts, but only close approximations are used, such as the substitution of "Ecto-Space" for "E-Space".
  • Because of the copyright situation, this story has no actual continuity with any story except The Choice.

Continuity Edit

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