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The Silurian Candidate was the two hundred and twenty-ninth story in Big Finish's monthly range. Though the Seventh Doctor had previously faced the Silurians most notably in the novel Blood Heat, this marked the first such encounter to actually be performed by Sylvester McCoy.

Publisher's summary Edit

The year is 2085, and planet Earth remains on the edge of a nuclear precipice. At any moment, either of two vast rival power blocs, to the West and the East, might unleash a torrent of missiles, bringing about the terrible certainty of Mutual Assured Destruction.

But there is another way – or so Professor Ruth Drexler believes. Hence her secret mission deep in Eastern bloc territory, to uncover a hidden city, never before glimpsed by human eyes: the Parliament of the Silurians, the lizard people who ruled the Earth before humankind.

There, she’ll encounter a time-travelling Doctor, who knows the Silurians well. A Doctor on a secret mission of his own.

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Continuity Edit

  • Ace mentions that since the Doctor left Mel, he has spent a lot of time dealing with unfinished business relating to old enemies and secret Gallifreyian weapons he left behind on Earth, including the Daleks (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks), the Cybermen (TV: Silver Nemesis) and Fenric (TV: The Curse of Fenric).
  • When Ace comments that the Doctor keeps a lost of secrets, Mel notes that the only time she ever saw the Doctor keep a secret was when they arrived in Pompeii (AUDIO: The Fires of Vulcan), and she acknowledges that his reasons for doing so were good.
  • While waiting in the Silurian city, the Doctor tells Ace of the conclusion of his search for the Key to Time (TV: The Armageddon Factor), apparently believing that he had been telling her the rest of the story rather than just thinking it to himself.

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