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The Silver Bullet is a comic strip on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website. It was based on The Silver Bullet, an in-universe comic featured in the episode The Curse of Clyde Langer that was meant to be written by Clyde Langer.

Synopsis Edit

The superhero the Silver Bullet protects Blood River City from danger.

Plot Edit

During the day Hugh Haggerty is like every other person in Blood River City and goes to work. During the night he becomes the superhero the Silver Bullet and protects the city from harm. At first he stops some criminals from stealing something valuable. Then he brings them to two police officers, who are impressed by his work, after this he saves a reporter from criminals. She asks him to give her an interview but he denies because he has to protect the city.

Characters Edit

Story notes Edit

  • All six pages of the comic can be seen in The Curse of Clyde Langer, but in the episode Clyde put his signature (Clyde Langer) under page 6 of the comic. This signature doesn't appear in the comic strip on the CBBC website.

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