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The Sirens of Time (audio story)

The Sirens of Time
Sirens of time cover
Main enemy:
Main setting:
an unnamed planet, 3562
The U-20, the Atlantic Ocean, 7 May 1915
The Edifice, the Kurgon system
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery and
Gary Russell
Cover by: James Arnott & Gary Gillatt
Release details
Release number: 1
Release date: July 1999
Format: 4 Episodes on 2 CDs
Production code: 7Z
ISBN 1-903654-28-9
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The Sirens of Time

The Sirens of Time was the first in the series of Doctor Who audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions. Written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, the four-part story features the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, with Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy each reprising their roles from the original television series.

Publisher's summary edit

Gallifrey is in crisis, facing destruction at the hands of an overwhelming enemy. And the Doctor is involved in three different incarnations — each caught up in a deadly adventure, scattered across time and space. The web of time is threatened — and someone wants the Doctor dead.

The three incarnations of the Doctor must join to set time back on the right track — but in doing so, will they unleash a still greater threat?

Plot edit

Part 1 edit

A TARDIS arrives on Gallifrey, flown by Coordinator Vansell. He claims the planet is in terrible danger and the Lord President learns he is right. Their planet is under siege by an unknown species. In the Seventh Doctor's TARDIS, he is having trouble. The ship is pulled towards a planet because of a gravitational pull. A Time Lord tries to communicate with the Doctor, but cannot and the signal is cut off.

Leaving the TARDIS, the Doctor hears a distant voice. A girl called Elenya is trapped in quicksand. He tells her not to struggle as he hacks his way through the undergrowth with his umbrella. A mysterious woman appears and laughs at the Doctor. He goes in aid of the trapped girl. Using his umbrella, he pulls the girl out of the bog and onto a safe patch of land.

Sancroff, who is a prisoner of Ruthley in her home, is waiting for her return. She tells him that she hates her job, which is to keep him there. She reluctantly helps him into his bed. Speaking through a communicator with guards hovering above the planet, she lies that there are no visitors on the surface. The Doctor finds himself locked out of his TARDIS. Elenya explains about her arrival. She is a geologist and all of her crew have been killed. A ship suddenly comes through the planet's atmosphere and crashes to the surface.

The Doctor and Elenya are walking across the surface to find civilisation. The Doctor searches the area and finds a light through a window. Another ship comes crashing down. One ship comes towards them and they run away. On the communicator, the assassins have arrived to kill Sancroff. Ships are arriving all around the Doctor and Elenya. They investigate the ship's wreckage and find the remains of the crew. The Doctor deciphers that the creatures were actually being born. Ruthley asks for the Doctor and Elenya to be killed, but the assassins refuse.

The Doctor and Elenya meet up with the creatures. They begin a mind scan, which is extremely painful. When they awake, Sancroff is with them. He explains that the creatures are Drudgers. Elenya finally wakes up and wonders who the man is. He introduces himself. Suddenly, another creature arrives and destroys the Drudgers. Ruthley explains that they had come to kill them all. She has done a deal with them. They are called assassins.

The Drudgers return fire, but nothing seems to be working. The assassins are converging on the main building. The Doctor, Elenya and Sancroff enter Ruthley's room. The Doctor begins to ask questions. They find a film of Ruthley speaking to the assassins. They didn't listen to her, and shot her because she was a witness. The Doctor tries to create a barrier, but the creatures find them though. They learn that Sancroff is a war criminal, and is now sentenced to execution.

Part 2 edit

Inside a German U-Boat, Captain Walther Schwieger and his second in command can see a merchant ship approaching. They decide whether or not to send a torpedo at it.

On the merchant ship, the TARDIS arrives and the Fifth Doctor emerges. He's searching for a signal of some kind. It finally locks on and the Time Lords try to contact him. The message is unclear, but they apparently want him to re-enter the TARDIS because time is running out. The Doctor tries the lock, but the ship won't open, he calls for Turlough and Tegan Jovanka, but they don't open the door. A woman by the name of Helen appears. She asks what he is doing on board the ship. Suddenly, there's a large explosion as a gun from the U-Boat hits the side.

Aboard the U-Boat, the Captain sees two survivors, they bring them board. The Captain is surprised that the Doctor can speak German. They are both placed inside a cell. Helen is worried whether the Doctor is maybe a Hun spy. The Doctor is even more worried about his message from the Time Lords. He tries calling to the Germans to free him.

British destroyers are gathering on the surface and so the German Captain decides it is time to escape the area. The Doctor wishes to speak with him. He tries to persuade him that he is actually a German spy and has found secret documents aboard the ship, which is now reduced to wreckage. The Captain does not believe him. He orders Schmidt to return him to his cell.

Back in the cell, Helen watches as Schimdt suddenly become possessed by some force and tries to kill the Doctor, who deduces that it is the Time Lords who are trying to kill him for some strange reason. The Captain arrives and orders Schimdt to be tied to his bunk.

The Time Lord President is unsure of Vansell's actions to try and stop the Doctor. Using someone by time distortion wasn't the best idea. Vansell disagrees and counters that the Doctor must be stopped for the sake of time.

The German commandant can see smoke on the horizon, claiming it is British ships approaching.

In his cell, the Doctor is wondering why the Time Lords want to kill him. He tells Helen that he needs to return to his TARDIS. Helen can sense that it's important to him somehow.

Schmidt is now awake and can hear voices in his head. It is the voice of Vansell and he is telling him to grab a weapon and to kill the Doctor.

The Germans discover that the ship is large and is coming towards them at a speed that they wouldn't be able to match, let alone outrun.

Schmidt has now entered the cell with a gun pointed at the Doctor. The Doctor tries to reassure him that they do not know each other and reasons why he should kill him. The Lord President is still trying to stop Vansell, realising that the Doctor knows what he must do. There's a shot, which the Germans in the control room can hear. The Captain goes to see what has happened.

Helen has managed to take the gun, but Schmidt collapses, a side effect of the time distortion. The Captain and crew arrive, but Helen has them at gunpoint. The Doctor is hoping to discover his ship again.

The Doctor navigates the U-Boat to the position of the TARDIS. He escapes the ship and jumps into the water. The British ships are closing and the U-Boat goes back under.

The Doctor reaches his ship, but has no luck in opening the doors. He is trapped, floating at sea.

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Part 3 edit

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Astronomical objects edit

  • Calfadoria
  • The Kurgon Wonder was created as a result of the Knights of Velyshaa attempting to capture the Temperon.

The Doctor edit

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Theories and concepts edit

  • The Laws of Time (supposedly) stop the Doctor's incarnations from meeting.

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Notes edit

Sirens of time revised

Revised cover art

  • This is the first appearance of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors together.
  • Several references to the Audio Visuals audio dramas are made during this story including:
  • The appearance of Drudgers, originally robotic servants of Conglomerate who appeared in Conglomerate, The Destructor Contract and Subterfuge.
  • The appearance of the Temperons, which first appeared in The Time Ravagers.
  • Mention of the Calfedorian Tri-Planetary Alliance, which first appeared in Maenad before being mentioned several times in future stories.

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