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The Squire was a soldier who shared many adventures with the War Doctor during the Last Great Time War.

Biography Edit

Origins Edit

Shada's computer system claimed that the Squire was a time anomaly, and had no history. (COMIC: The One) The Squire was in fact a member of the Volatix Cabal, but was unaware of her true nature. (COMIC: Fast Asleep)

The Time War Edit

The Squire fought during the Last Great Time War, where she met the War Doctor, who introduced her to the prose of Marcel Proust. (COMIC: The Then and the Now) The Squire was with the Doctor when he led a Shrikefleet against a Plasma-Wheel armada on Vexa; held the line against six Barrage-Leks and routed the exotic plunder at the chronofracture on Borun, and threw down the Heisenberg mutations on Kether Prime. (COMIC: Pull to Open)

The Squire aided the Doctor and the Master in seizing a megarythmic anodizer from the Chroleen, a mimetic whisperfield from the Terrorsmiths of Diwoon, and the Psilent songbox of Karn.

Young Squire rescues Alice from Volatix Cabal

A young Squire saves Alice from the Volatix Cabal. (COMIC: The Organ Grinder)

The Doctor sent the Squire to save Alice Obiefune, who had been captured by the Volatix Cabal. She burst her way into their stronghold and killed all of its inhabitants. The Squire then accompanied the War Doctor and his associates to Golgalith, where they were attacked by a Cyclor. (COMIC: The Organ Grinder) Whilst escaping from the Cyclors, Alice stole the Psilent songbox from the Doctor. The Squire and the Doctor set off in chase. The Squire caught up to Alice and saved her from one of the Volatix by slicing it in half with her sword. Alice then activated the Songbox, which reacted with a paradox created by the Master and caused a chronal meltdown. (COMIC: Kill God)

Traveling with the Eleventh Doctor Edit

She later met the Eleventh Doctor, vowing to protect him once more. She saved him and Alice Obiefune from a group of beings who put him on trial for his actions during the Time War. The trio escaped into the TARDIS, where they were confronted by Abslom Daak. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

The Squire acompanied the Doctor to Veestrax, where they were attacked by robotic spiders. The Squire and Daak destroyed the spiders. (COMIC: Outrun) She later helped the Doctor to subdue the soldiers guarding River Song's prison cell. (COMIC: The Judas Goatee) River helped the group gain access to Shada, where the Doctor sought The Master's TARDIS. The Squire was the only one able to free the Doctor and his companions from imprisonment on Shada, as the prison's AI believed that she did not exist. (COMIC: The One)

After leaving Shada, the Squire questioned the Doctor on why he was in the company of so many companions. The Squire disliked the Doctor's answer, believing herself to be worthless to him. (COMIC: Downtime) She decided not to leave the Doctor forever, however, and decided to hunt The Then and the Now through time, following it to Lujhimene where she encountered the Doctor again. The Squire was wounded while fighting the Then and the Now. The Doctor took her to the TARDIS and hooked her up to a medical machine to heal her. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still) Despite the machine being capable of healing her injuries, the Squire began to flatline, and the Doctor was unable to get her heart working again. (COMIC: First Rule) The Volatix inside the Squire reanimated her corpse, and she shot Abslom Daak, killing him. She then directed her weapon at the Doctor. (COMIC: Fast Asleep)

Skills Edit

The Squire claimed to have participated in battle during the Last Great Time War, and proved herself to be handy with a Sword. (COMIC: Outrun)

Appearance Edit

The Squire wore combat armour, including Quantum gauntlets made of Gallifreyan steel. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

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