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The Stockbridge Horror (comic story)

The Stockbridge Horror
Doctor: Fifth Doctor
Main enemy: Elemental Being
Main setting: Stockbridge, 1982
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Steve Parkhouse
Artist: Steve Parkhouse / Mick Austin
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Monthly 70-75
Release date: November 1982 - April 1983
Format: Comic - 6 parts
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The Stockbridge Horror was a Fifth Doctor comic story published in Doctor Who Monthly.

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  • The Doctor's accuser cites "wicket" as one of the time-wasting activities the Doctor has been doing.
  • Spider-Man's face is seen on the TARDIS scanner before it explodes.
  • Tubal Cain pilots a massive Battle TARDIS armed with time torpedoes.

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