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The Stones of Blood (audio story)

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The Stones of Blood
Stones of Blood Audio
Based on: The Stones of Blood
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Romana I, K9 Mark II
Main enemy: Cessair of Diplos
Main setting: Cornwall, 1978
Key crew
Publisher: AudioGO
Writer: David Fisher
Music: Simon Power
Sound: Simon Power
Read by: Susan Engel and John Leeson
Release details
Release date: May 2011
Format: Audio CD
ISBN 978-1-4084-6711-4
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The Stones of Blood was an audio version of the televised story of the same name. It was distinct from both the TV story and the Target print novelisation.

Publisher's summary Edit

Susan Engel reads this brand new novelisation of a classic Doctor Who serial featuring the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9.

The stone circle of Bodcombe Tor, in the South West of England, stands in tribute to a mysterious goddess. Long ago, six huge monoliths were arranged in a half circle, with an altar stone in the centre. Then one day, mysteriously, the six stones became nine. Stranger still, when blood was poured over them it was immediately absorbed...When the Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive on Bodcombe Moor, they meet the elderly Professor Rumford and her friend Vivien Fay. From them they learn the chequered history of the stones, and of the inhabitants of the nearby manor house - currently one Leonard de Vries, leader of a druidic sect. But all is not as it seems, and soon the Doctor and his companions are enmeshed in a deadly web of deceit. Powerful creatures rampage across the moor, and the nature of a long family line is called into question. Romana is trapped by a cunning enemy, and time is running out for the Doctor and K9...

With original sound design, this brand new novelisation is written specially for audio by David Fisher. It is read by Susan Engel, who played Vivien Fay in the 1978 BBC TV serial, with John Leeson as the voice of K9.

Notes Edit

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