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Tenth Doctor Tales (audio anthology), as this is the name by which this is being sold now

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The Tenth Doctor Adventures was a box set collecting all seven Tenth Doctor NSA audio stories.

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David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Michelle Ryan read this exclusive collection of original audio adventures. Join the Tenth Doctor on these seven adventures in Time and Space, written specially for audio.

Pest Control by Peter Anghelides - read by David Tennant?. The Doctor and Donna face monstrous insects and a ruthless robot exterminator.

The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett - read by Catherine Tate. On the Edifice, the Doctor and Donna become neighbours to a terrifying assortment of aliens.

The Nemonite Invasion by David Roden - read by Catherine Tate. The Doctor and Donna fight for their lives against aliens in the Second World War.

The Rising Night by Scott Handcock- read by Michelle Ryan.The Doctor is plunged into a nightmarish adventure in 18th Century Yorkshire.

The Day of the Troll by Simon Messingham - read by David Tennant. In a barren England of the far future, something is preying on people - and the Doctor…

The Last Voyage by Dan Abnett - read by David Tennant. Terror ensues when the Doctor joins the maiden voyage of a pioneering space cruiser.

Dead Air by James Goss - read by David Tennant. The Doctor faces an enemy of pure sound. Who can he trust in the dark? With thrilling music and sound design, these seven adventures are based on the hit BBC TV series.

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The Tenth Doctor Adventures

Cover with the name The Tenth Doctor Adventures.

  • This was previously available with the name The Tenth Doctor Adventures.

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