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The Time-Travellers' Guide was a Doctor Who reference book published by W. H. Allen and Virgin Publishing.

Publisher's summary Edit

Hardback first edition Edit

In three decades of travelling through space and time, the remarkable TARDIS has taken the Doctor and his companions to some of the strangest places in the galaxy and introduced them to creatures out of their wildest nightmares.

Now, in this indispensable handbook, bestselling author Peter Haining examines the wonder of Time Travel as seen through the eyes of all the Doctors. He traces the origins of the hugely successful television programme from the literature of Time Travel in general and H.G. Wells' classic novel, The Time Machine, in particular.

He also studies the Doctor's regenerations as well as looking in detail at the Time Lord society on Gallifrey from which he comes. There is an inventory of the weird and dangerous planets the Doctor has visited, the space craft he has seen, and a comprehensive listing of the villains, monsters and robots that have crossed his path.

Peter Haining's book offers a unique insight into the dramatic events which nearly ended the programme after twenty-three years, plus details of the new Seventh Doctor. Finally, it contains an update on all the adventures which have been broadcast since the author's earlier enormously successful book, Doctor Who: A Celebration.

Paperback first edition Edit

In more than twenty-five years of travelling through space and time the TARDIS has taken the Doctor and his companions to some of the Universe's strangest places and introduced them to creatures out of their wildest nightmares.

Now in this indispensible handbook, Peter Haining examines all the monsters, robots and villains to have threatened the many lives of the intrepid Time Lord. Also included is a guide to all the weird and dangerous worlds the TARDIS has ever visited, plus an inventory of all the spacecraft seen on the television programme.

Peter Haining also examines in depth the Doctor's regenerations, as well as looking into the reasons which forced the Doctor to leave his home planet Gallifrey in the first place.

Finally, Peter Haining has updated the information on the Doctor's companions and adventures from his earlier book, Doctor Who: A Celebration.

Subject matter Edit

A full analysis of Doctor Who, technology, roots and origins.

Notable features Edit

Specific chapters dealing with:

  • The Science that inspired Doctor Who
  • Time and the Lords of Gallifrey
  • A Who's Who of Enemies
  • A tourist's guide to alien worlds
  • Spacecraft checklist

Second/third editions Edit

Time Travellers Guide 2nded

Final edition

In the second and third editions there was included a "Time Travel Update" dealing with stories and developments since the previous edition. In the 1989 paperback edition the topics covered were:

  • Doctor Who's 1985 cancellation
  • Information on stories produced in the intervening time since the previous edition (1983 - 1986).
  • Slipback

Notes Edit

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