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The Time Machine (audio story)

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The Time Machine
11 The Time Machine
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Alice
Main enemy: The Creevix
Main setting: Oxford, 23 November 2013
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions, AudioGO
Writer: Matt Fitton
Director: John Ainsworth
Music: Simon Hunt
Sound: Simon Hunt
Read by: Jenna Coleman
Michael Cochrane
Nicholas Briggs
Release details
Release number: 11
Release date: 1 November 2013 (download, see notes)
Format: 1 CD
ISBN 978-1-4713-1177-2
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Destiny of the Doctor
Death's Deal
The Time Machine was the eleventh and final release of the Destiny of the Doctor audio series, produced by Big Finish Productions for AudioGO.

Publisher's summary Edit

23 November 2013. In an Oxford laboratory, graduate Alice Watson helps Professor Chivers assemble the final pieces of an impossible machine. A time machine.

The scientist and his assistant believe they are making history, little suspecting that the project's completion will threaten the existence of the entire universe. But someone has sensed the danger, and when the mysterious Doctor arrives, Alice is taken on a desperate race from libraries and dreaming spires all the way to the nightmare world of Earth's future.

The monstrous Creevix are coming. They seek control of time itself and are certain that the Doctor is already too late to stop them. But can the key to saving the future lie in the Time Lord's past lives?

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Characters Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Originally scheduled for release on CD in early November 2013, the release was put on hold due to publisher AudioGo going into administration in October 2013. A download copy of the story was released by audiobook sites Audible and iTunes, and later by Big Finish Productions. On 18 November, Big Finish announced that it would be releasing the CD version as well.[1] The packaging for the Big Finish release omits any mention of AudioGO, though a credit for the company is still read by Coleman.
  • Unusually, despite it being read by Jenna Coleman, the character of Clara does not appear, her place taken by one-off companion Alice Watson (also performed by Coleman). That said, given the unique nature of Clara's character, it's possible that Alice might be one of her "echoes" as established in TV: The Name of the Doctor, although the story contains no overt indication of this (i.e. the catchphrase "Run you clever boy, and remember").
  • This story was recorded on 14 June 2013.
  • The first name of Police Chief McNeil is James in AUDIO: Night of the Whisper and Joseph in this story.
  • The person who introduced Cedric Chivers to the Bob Dylan music was Susan Foreman in AUDIO: Hunters of Earth. However, in this story, the Doctor claimed that his first incarnation was the one who did so. The Doctor was partially telling the truth, as Susan only introduced Cedric to the music because of the message she had received from the Eleventh Doctor. In the message, he had said, "It's blowing in the wind," referring to the Bob Dylan song, Blowin' In The Wind, which is the song that the Doctor had Alice quote lyrics from to Cedric.
  • The existence of the Time Lord hypercube is an ontological paradox, also known as a bootstrap paradox. The cube that the Seventh Doctor gave to OhOne was sent to him by the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS, which the Eleventh Doctor got from Professor Chivers, who received the cube from Alice Watson, who got it from the Eleventh Doctor, who retrieved the cube from Guy Taylor's time machine, which had been put there by Guy Taylor, who got it from his father, OhOne, who received it from the Seventh Doctor. As such, the cube has no discernible origin.

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