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The Time Team was a series of articles published in Doctor Who Magazine.

Richard Bignell, Clayton Hickman, Jac Rayner and Peter Ware worked together to view and review every Doctor Who television story ever produced before the show's 2005 revival, eventually finishing in 2009. The project ultimately took over ten years to complete. In 2011, the project was restarted in order to view and review the revived series with a different team. In 2017, the second team stopped with The Almost People, which aired the same year the second team started.

In 2018, a larger third Team Team was formed, whose participants alternated from issue to issue. Rather than watching the show in order, instead, the team watched multiple episodes from multiple eras connected by a theme.

The articles for the first two teams were illustrated by Adrian Salmon.

First team Edit

Second team Edit

Third team Edit

  • DWM 525 - Doctors' First Episodes
Christel Dee, Jacob Dudman, Kezia Newson, Luke Cutforth, and Miles Hall watch Rose, Spearhead from Space Episode 1, and Time and the Rani Part One
Claudia Boleyn, Dan James Frank, Luke Cutforth, Miles Hall, Sam Saffold, and Zainab Sheriff watch Earthshock Part Four, Doomsday, and Vincent and the Doctor