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The Time Thief (comic story)

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The Time Thief
The time theif
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Jo
Featuring: The Brig
Main enemy: The Master, Ekayprians
Main setting: Earth, 1970s, Ekaypia
Key crew
Publisher: World Distributors (Manchester), Ltd
Artist: Steve Livesey
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Annual 1974
Release date: September 1973
Format: Comic - 1 part (6 pages)
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Doctor Who annual
Out of the Green Mist The Fathom Trap

The Time Thief was a Third Doctor comic story released in 1973.

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When United Nations vessels carrying radioactive isotopes are attacked by war machines from different eras, the Doctor and Jo are called in to investigate. The answer to this mystery lies far away, in a race under the sway of the Master.

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