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The Times

An issue of The Times from September 2009. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

The Times was a British newspaper. It was printed from the Victorian era through to the early 21st century.

In London during the 1890s, both the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald were led to the Half-Face Man's base at Mancini's Family Restaurant through a hint in an issue of The Times newspaper that was left by someone they assumed to be intent on keeping the two of them together. This newspaper was delivered by Paternoster Gang butler, Strax, whose method of delivery differed from the norm in that he threw it through Madame Vastra's window, with the paper striking Clara in the face with enough force to knock her down. (TV: Deep Breath)

The Fifth Doctor found and read a September 1901 edition of The Times, the front page of which announced the launch of the first British submarine, in the crew room aboard the Shadow. (TV: Enlightenment)

In 1938, George Newman covered the Spanish Civil War for The Times. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned)

In June 1964, the Fourth Doctor did The Times crossword puzzle but he cheated by looking at the next day's issue. (AUDIO: Wave of Destruction)

On arriving at Heathrow Airport in 1982, the Fifth Doctor checked the latest cricket scores in The Times. (TV: Time-Flight)

When the Second Doctor arrived to meet Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart at a UNIT reunion, he said he was here for his speech as guest of honour, revealing that he heard of it in The Times. Colonel Crichton pointed out that this was impossible as the reporter was still there. The Doctor explained that he heard it from "tomorrow's Times". (TV: The Five Doctors)

In 1994, when Ben Jackson and Polly Wright were visiting W H Smith, Polly saw The Times and read the society notices. When she looked at the obituaries, she realised that no-one was mentioned there that she knew. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

In 2008, when Sarah Jane Smith went to the St Agnes Abbey she introduced herself as Felicity Barnes from the Times. She told the nuns that she was doing a story on religion in the twenty first century for the Times and asked for Sister Helena. (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

In September 2009, The Times reported on the children's message to the world: "We are coming". Ianto Jones read a copy he picked up from a delivery point. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

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