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The Toy was an audio story released solely to online subscribers of The Complete History magazine, alongside issues #4 and #5 of the magazine. It was read by Sarah Sutton.

Publisher's summary Edit

In her bedroom on board the TARDIS, Nyssa dreams of her long lost home, and a Forbidden Archway that never really existed — or did it?

In the TARDIS corridors she finds a flight of steps, a door marked 'keep out', and beyond, a locked room full of secrets. In particular a casket containing a jewel seems to call to her. “Nyssa of Traken, do you want to be my friend?”

So begins a journey that takes Nyssa from snow capped mountains to vast cities, and introduces her to people she seems to know so well. What dangerous landscape has she wondered into — and can she ever escape to safety, and the comfort of her travelling companions?

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Satona chlorensis was a flower that grew on Traken.
  • Nyssa dreams that Tegan is her chambermaid.
  • The Doctor's TARDIS contains a replicator that can copy clothing.
  • As a child, Nyssa spent many hours studying etiquette when she would have preferred to have been playing with other children.
  • The First Doctor once planned to live in Arcadia with his granddaughter Susan Foreman.
  • Both of Nyssa's grandfathers died before she was born.
  • The First Doctor always wanted to visit Traken.
  • The Master refers to the Prydonian Chapter as "hippies".
  • Adric once described Tegan as being "unreasonably highly strung".
  • The Doctor retains a jewel that Susan used to own, which was given to her by the Master.
  • Adric says a computer program called The Facebook was banned on 21st century Earth for turning people into "mindless, incommunicative zombies".

Notes Edit

The Toy2

Short Trips Rarities cover by Tom Saunders.

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