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This is a work of non-fiction.

Unlike other fictional universes, the Doctor Who universe is created solely by fiction. To us, this is a secondary source. Information from this source can only be used in "behind the scenes" sections, or on pages about real world topics.

The Tribe of Gum
Titan The Tribe of Gum.jpg
Written by: Anthony Coburn, John McElroy (Editor)
Publisher: Titan Books
Release date: January 1988
Format: Paperback book, 128 pages
ISBN 1-85286-012-X
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The Tribe of Gum was the first in a series of script books released by Titan Books.

Publisher's summary Edit


A police box in a fog-shrouded junk-yard. A mysterious pupil who knows more than her teachers. A white-haired old man in an Edwardian frock-coat. These were the key elements in the first episode of what was to become the World's longest running television science-fiction series.

Read for the first time the complete script of the first-ever Doctor Who story together with background and technical information

First of a new series.

Subject matter Edit

Full unedited scripts of the televised Doctor Who adventure The Tribe of Gum

Contents Edit

  • Introduction
  • Doctor Who: The Beginning
  • Background
  • Cast
  • Technical Details
  • Production Credits
  • Episode One: An Unearthly Child
  • Episode Two: The Caves of Skulls
  • Episode Three: The Forest of Fear
  • Episode Four: The Firemaker

Notable features Edit

to be added

Notes Edit

  • Published in paperback
  • Priced £2.95 (UK)


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