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"Some robot from The Twilight Zone" was how Jessica Willamy described a Cyberman upon her first encounter with the metallic species in San Francisco in January 1967. She then added that, unlike the robots of The Twilight Zone, "this one made [her] scared." (PROSE: Wonderland)

After finding that Susan Foreman and her grandfather, the First Doctor, were not from Earth in April 1963, John Brent could not help but to make a comparison numerous times to The Twilight Zone, which was evidently popular in the 1960s. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

When the Memory offered Peri Brown her only chance of survival from drowning — becoming its god — she described her way out as "clear as the sign-post for the Twilight Zone, always so helpfully pointed out by Rod Serling, but less inviting." (PROSE: Shell Shock)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Twilight Zone's pilot episode was produced as an episode of Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse.

Jean Marsh played an android in The Twilight Zone's first season. Harold Innocent played a board member in season 2. Terence de Marney played a gambler in season 3. Hywel Bennett, Christopher Brown, Lorne Cossette, John Novak, Alan David and Carolyn Seymour appeared in the 1980s revival of the series. John Debney also composed the music for one episode. Michael David Simms and Mi-Jung Lee appeared in the 2002 revival.