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The Vault (Dalek)

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You may be looking for the vault owned by C19 and UNIT.
The Vault
The Vault.jpg
Location: Utah
First seen in: Dalek
Appearances: AUDIO: The Dalek Conquests, COMIC: Mystery Date, The Choice

The Vault was an installation located fifty floors beneath the ground, near Salt Lake City, Utah. The Vault contained a museum with Henry van Statten's private collection of alien artefacts. Part of this vault was called the Cage.

Artefacts in the collection included a Dalek (which van Statten called a "Metaltron"), the head of a Mondasian Cyberman, a mileometer from the Roswell crash, the arm of a Raxacoricofallapatorian which Rose believed to be a Slitheen, a compression field, an Earth reptile head, an ape-man head, an alien lizard, a giant beetle and various meteorites.

After her overthrow of her boss, van Statten's former aide Diana Goddard ordered the Vault to be filled with cement, and sealed away forever. (TV: Dalek)

Adam Mitchell excavated the Vault in search of time travel technology. He used Cyberman technology to lure Time Agent Neal Shaw there and freeze him in time. (COMIC: Mystery Date)

At some later time, BBC Radio sent a team to the site as part of a documentary on the history of the Dalek race. (AUDIO: The Dalek Conquests)

Lady Christina de Souza obtained the ability to travel beyond Earth after raiding the Vault. (COMIC: The Eye of Ashaya)

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