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The Vogan Slaves (comic story)

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The Vogan Slaves
Vogan Slaves
Doctor: Third Doctor
Main enemy: Vogans
Main setting: a Vogan spaceship
Key crew
Publisher: Polystyle
Writer: Dennis Hooper
Artist: Harry Lindfield
Release details
Printed in: TV Action 15-22
Release date: 29 May - 17 July 1971
Reprinted in: DWCC 1
Format: Comic - 8 parts (16 pages)
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The Vogan Slaves was a Third Doctor comic story printed in TV Action.

Summary Edit

The Doctor arrives on what appears to be a sleeper ship. However, when he encounters a Vogan robot, the Doctor sets out to free the people aboard and those who are at its destination, for the Vogans are notorious slavers!

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