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The Wages of Sin (novel)

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The Wages of Sin
The Wages of Sin
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Jo, Liz
Main enemy: The Ochrana
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: David A. McIntee
Release details
Release number: 19
Release date: 1 February 1999
Format: Paperback Book; 22 Chapters, 250 Pages
ISBN 0-563-55567-X
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BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Salvation Deep Blue

The Wages of Sin was the nineteenth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and Liz Shaw. This novel featured Liz Shaw's first journey in the TARDIS and was set after Liz had departed from UNIT and following the Doctor's exile on Earth (after the television story The Three Doctors).

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor has always been wary of meddling with established history. But what happens when the history books lie?

With the secrets of time-travel restored to him after his long exile on Earth, the Doctor decides to test out the TARDIS with a trip into the past. Accompanying him are his assistant, Jo, and an old friend, scientist Liz Shaw. Soon after landing, the travellers realise they have landed at one of the most significant periods of Earth's history — and one of the most dangerous...

It is Russia, 1916, and Europe is in the grip of the Great War. With the TARDIS confiscated by Imperial guards, its crew find themselves trapped in a country on the brink of revolution.

The Doctor and Liz are soon caught up in the deadly machinations of Tsar Nicholas' court, while Jo appears to fall under the sinister spell of the infamous Mad Monk, Rasputin...

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Culture Edit

  • Jo has seen a film about Rasputin and is aware of the Boney M song about him.

Foods and beverages Edit

Individuals Edit


  • This is the Doctor's first test-flight since regaining his time travel knowledge.

Notes Edit

  • The front cover of the novel features a photograph of the actual Rasputin.

Continuity Edit

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