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War Lord
050 war lord
Species: War Lord
First seen in: The War Games
Other appearances: AUDIO: Exile
Main actor: Philip Madoc
You may wish to consult War Lord (disambiguation) for other, similarly-named pages.

The War Lord was the leader of the War Lords who made an alliance with the War Chief to kidnap humans to participate in the War Lords' war games.

He was eventually tried by the Time Lords and was sentenced to be dematerialised out of existence, along with all War Lords. (TV: The War Games)

In an alternate timeline, the War Lord was able to conquer the entire galaxy with his human army, due to the Doctor being removed from existence. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)

In an alternate universe, the War Lord was accidentally dematerialised out of existence before the Time Lords could finish telling him that he would be dematerialised. (AUDIO: Exile)

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