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"The Watcher" was the name given to an eye of Eldrad that ended up on Earth. It implied that the eye was always looking, despite seeming to be inert. Mulkris travelled to Earth in search of the Watcher, having been tasked by King Rokon with collecting the fragments of Eldrad.

The Watcher took Charlie Gibbs under its influence and implanted itself in his forehead, allowing the fragment of Eldrad have him do its bidding. The Fifth Doctor took Gibbs to Kastria where, using the Doctor's TARDIS as a power source, and the dust left by dead Kastrians to conduct, the Watcher restored Eldrad's physical form, based upon the likeness of Gibbs. The incarnation of Eldrad born from the eye was killed using a dart filled with acid by an Eldrad restored from the hand. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

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