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The Woman in White (audio story)

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The Woman in White
The Woman in White cover
Main character(s): Jago, Litefoot
Main enemy: The Draxis
Main setting: London, the 1890s
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
Director: Lisa Bowerman
Producer: David Richardson
Music: Howard Carter, theme by Jamie Robertson
Sound: Peter Doggart
Cover by: Tom Webster
Release details
Release number: 11.3
Release date: 28 April 2016
ISBN 978-1-78575-205-6
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Jago & Litefoot
Maurice Masterpiece
The Woman in White was the third story in the eleventh season of the audio spin-off Jago & Litefoot.

Publisher's summary Edit

The great actor Henry Irving is not as great as he once was. In fact, he's awful – a shadow of his former self. Worried that something may be terribly wrong, Irving's assistant Bram Stoker enlists the help of an old friend – Henry Gordon Jago.

With Irving's state deteriorating, Professor Litefoot also faces a challenge. He performs an autopsy on a man who has had all his bodily fluids drained from him. Can the detectives discover the connection between the great actor and the mysterious dehydrated corpse? And how does it relate to the Woman in White who supposedly haunts Irving's theatre?

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

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Continuity Edit

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