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The World That Waits (comic story)

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The World That Waits
Main enemy: Daleks, Mechonoids
Main setting: Mechanus
Key crew
Release details
Printed in: The Dalek World
Format: monochromatic, 8 pages
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Dalek annuals
The Orbitus Manhunt
The World That Waits was a comic story original to The Dalek World, a Dalek annual of the 1960s. It was unusual for featuring no human characters whatsoever. Instead, it depicted a battle between the Daleks and the Mechonoids on the planet Mechanus. It can be viewed as a sequel to "The Planet of Decision", the final episode of The Chase. It was one of the very few appearances of the Mechonoids outside that serial.

Summary Edit

On Mechanus, the Mechonoids have hatched a cunning plan to draw the Daleks near. When the over-confident Daleks arrive in Mechonoid City, they are at first soundly repulsed. Even the fungoids are pitching in to squeeze the life out of the Daleks. Just when it appears the Daleks will be utterly vanquished, the Black Dalek calls for a horrible weapon unknown to the Mechonoids. With the single press of a button, the atom divider hurls terrific energy into one of the legs supporting Mechonoid City. The city has no choice but to collapse. A remaining Mechonoid, deep within the rubble, promises that the Dalek treachery will be avenged...

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